8 April 2020:

  • Fixed miss firing graphic to not overlap existing effects.
  • Redone the server to use a thread-safe method to handle GameObjects. Conversion of Inventory items is next once all the bugs are ironed out.

7 April 2020:

  • Death of a player now kicks them out of the game and resets them to starting gear and position.
  • Game object templates are now in the database (spawners).
  • Added a single asteroid graphic as a placeholder (orginal work).
  • Added asteroid belt spawner mechanic.
  • Added a asteroid belt spawner near the star, 100 asteroids!
  • Improved game object spawning code, much faster execution.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with inventory removal and spawning.

6 April 2020:

  • Fixed explosion effect skipping frames and being cleared within frames (was on seprate loop to clearing canvas).
  • Added debris, adjusts size of debrie depending on stack amount, example 5x station energies will be twice as big visually. Additionally debris show what it is by its name. "5x Station Energy"
  • Death of a space object will now get saved to the database (includes everything, debris, planets, stations, and more) excludes players.
  • Altered the login section of the website to better present the logs. Moved some of the containers around also after seeing 720p widescreen laptop having a vertical scroll bar.

5 April 2020:

  • Player can now switch between weapons using the keys e and q. (future will give binding options).
  • Fixed structure damage as it wasn't correctly doing the math behind the scenes.
  • Inventory now shows health of each item within brackets within the inventory window.
  • Attached turning and thrust to engine stats. Was incorrectly formulated.
  • Inventory health, quantity, equip variables now saves to the SQL database.
  • Fixed selected target if destroyed, would error out.
  • Added explosion on object death.
  • Added death event (only disables the object currently).

3 April 2020:

  • Lifespan of items will effect how much they can regenerate eg shields and energy but cost the same amount of energy per cycle.
  • Shield bar indictator now hides if the object has a max shield capacity of zero.
  • Added structure to planets, moons, gas giants, and stars and they can recieve damage.
  • Fixed a targeting code mistake where it was checking the objects name like "Earth" instead of ID.

1 April 2020:

  • Fixed new player spawning of ship, now includes structure max, structure and shield max.
  • Added structure damage to go by order of equiped to remove lifespan of each item. (order by will be changed some point when figured out)

26 March 2020:

  • Fixed issue occuring when creating a new account, inventory wouldn't add correctly into the servers memory.
  • Fixed the losing focus of the password text box while typing.
  • Added max shield and max structure data to be transfered from server to player on every object.
  • Added temporary shield and structure bar indicators to targeted object.

9 Feb 2020:

  • Added laser weapons mechanic.
  • Space bar now fires at the selected target.
  • Added more detail to tooltip that gives the type of item details.
  • When weapon out of range the weapon will fire at random directions (currently).
  • Added client to clear all variables when client logs out.
  • Coded all objects that have inventory can regenerate shield and energy if they have them equip.

8 Feb 2020:

  • Coded server side to use much more efficient methods of processing data. ForEach instead of for loops.
  • Coded client side to retain object images.
  • Added spaceship canvas layer, reducing lag by avoiding additional loop.
  • Fixed problem with client running multiple instances when logging out and back in.
  • Added client to clear all variables when client logs out.
  • Added basic tooltip for inventory items, needs more coding to bring out item type details such as regeneration etc.

6 Feb 2020:

  • Fixed welcome messages missing from chat channels.
  • Added basic energy regeneration code which now updates to client.
  • Added basic shield regeneration code which now updates to client.
  • Found a big issue with the code which can improve server response/processing time by 75%~ (More work to do this, target is 5-15ms latency on local machine, currently 50ms~).

5 Feb 2020:

  • Universe chat channel now works (very basic).
  • Local chat channel works but unlimited range currently.

2 Feb 2020:

  • Started work on chat system, client side mostly.
  • Added #center command to console channel. (centers a player)

1 Feb 2020:

  • All these tasks asked by Sean
  • Added parallax stars to the background in seprate canvas.
  • Added server latency readout.
  • Added speed readout (twitchy, needs more work).
  • Adjusted theme to space blue.
  • Dialogs have transparency.

20 December 2019:

  • Removed triangle for player icons in radar (will look at again at future date).
  • Added mouse scrolling functionaility to radar room dialog.
  • Added username and password cookies that work on successful login. (Will have to add cookie policy warning somewhere)
  • Added circle visual around selected target.

02 June 2019:

  • Added very temporary code for selecting/targeting objects in game.

04 May 2019:

  • Added fake shadow casting from all solarbodies.

03 May 2019:

  • Added placeholder solarbodies.
  • Solarbodies can now orbit around attached bodies.
  • Radar now fades out objects when reaching the update object barrier around a player.
  • Added shadows to solarbodies.
  • Improved method which server detects if object is out of players detection range (saves server sending unnecessary packets)
  • Reworked planet shadow impledmentation to point the shadow to the nearest star instead of the first star detected in object list.
  • Added dark shadow if a solarbody has no star within a 1,000,000 pixel distance (this is client side can be adjusted).

02 May 2019:

  • Added zoom slider to radar dialog. 1 to 20 zoom levels.

29 April 2019:

  • Inventory dialog now recieves the players inventory from server.
  • Titles of dialogs aren't highlightable anymore.
  • Radar dialog now works, does require zoom buttons.

28 April 2019:

  • Dialogs can now be resized and dragged around with the mouse.
  • Fixed dialogs showing on logout.

27 April 2019:

  • Added placeholder dialogs for Inventory, Settings, Radar.
  • Added close button on dialog.
  • Added scrolling through inventory items.

26 April 2019:

18 April 2019:

  • Adding items to a game object inventory now works.
  • Spaceship item slot types now works, example: 3 weapons, 2 energies.
  • Disabled experimental website background music.

16 April 2019:

  • Programmed more the "Adjust Item" function to add and remove items from game object inventories. Still needs more work.

15 April 2019:

  • Server can now load from the database: shields, energies, engines, radars, spaceships, spaceship custom equipment, capacitors, item type categories.
  • Server can now add up all shields, energies, engines together to get totals of max shield capacity, max energy capacity, max thrust, max turning. This includes multiples of the same item type.
  • Server now creates a inventory list for new players with a basic shield, energy, engine, spaceship.
  • Added shield, energy, structure variables to database backup section.
  • Added network code for shield, energy & structure for the player & gameobjects.
  • Added temporary background music at 1 percent volume.

11 April 2019:

  • Added client side placeholders for the players shield, structure, energy & money.

10 April 2019:

  • Converted armor to structure, for better wording/use of health.
  • Improved code preventing server sending multiple extact same messages.
  • Added shield, energy & structure to server side as variables under GameObject.
  • Added max shield, energy & structure to server side as variables under GameObject.

07 April 2019:

  • Added shield, energy & armor to database as variables under GameObject.
  • Adjusted the location and styling of the server status and log containers.
  • Fixed a bug with server IP not updating correctly.
  • Restored the kick-out of previous player when another person login as the same player.
  • Removed a console error message from when a server status check is restarted.
  • Server status code checks more frequently from 20s to 1 second.

16 January 2019:

Continuing work with making a tool to add inventory items.